How to Wear Fashion Statement Earrings

How to Wear Fashion Statement Earrings

When it comes to putting an outfit together, some days jewelry is the last thing to think about. On other days, you want to add quality fashion statement earrings to complete that killer look.

Statement earrings are simply notable earrings that stand out from the rest. To get the best earrings and other jewelry that will make you stand out among your friends or coworkers, then get them from the Divine Quality Retail online store. This is your one-stop shop for all your home décor, beauty supply, and other great products.

So, how can one easily wear fashion statement earrings and stand out from the crowd?

Consider the Occasion

    Once you have selected the best clothes for the occasion, it is time to choose the right jewelry to accessorize the look. Most importantly you want to make sure that your jewelry matches your whole outfit. Fashion statement earrings are perfect for someone who is attending a graduation party, work function, or even a family reunion.

    Show your Personality

      Why not go bold and play up contrasts if you're the type who wants to make a statement? Those people who like to experiment with new trends could try mixing different metals. For example, if you are wearing an outfit with dull colors like navy blue, you can show your personality by wearing silver fashion statement earrings to create that dramatic look. Also, if you have multiple ears piercing, don’t be afraid to wear different statement earrings with different colors.

      Find the Right Size and Style

        Make sure the size of your earrings matches that of your body. You don’t want to look as though you’ve been attached to your statement earrings. If you are small and thin, look for smaller and thinner statement earring styles however if you’re tall and full-figured, larger earrings that make a statement with their size are perfect for you.

        Style with Complementary Colors

          Another great way of wearing fashion statement earrings is to pick up a color from a pattern on your clothing and match it. If you are looking for a perfect way to enhance your outfit, then you should consider picking a color from your pattern and matching it with a statement earring of the same color or pattern. Make sure you coordinate the colors in your print with your statement earrings perfectly to add something to your look.


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